Mictel Hillpress - Our Vision

Our People

Invest in the right people and inspire our people to be the best that they can be.

Trading Partners
To develop, maintain and grow our network of clients and suppliers, who we work with openly and fairly.

Products & Services
To make products and provide services our customers need and want.
 Embrace changing technologies to enable us to develop and offer products and services to allow our client to make informed choices. To provide quality in all we do.

Productivity, Investment & Reward
To produce and supply products and service cost effectively to enable us to supply competitively to our clients.
Invest in our business to enable us to deliver our clients expectations. Gain reward on our investment.

Understand that we operate in a competitive world and ensure we maintain a competitive edge and offer best value and quality in all that we do.

To always consider the environmental impact of all our actions and act to remove or reduce this impact to the minimum achievable.

To work effectively, reduce waste and improve efficiency wherever possible.

Clearly communicate & understand. Good or bad!

Learn & Improve
What we do well do more of and learn from our failings and improve.